As your State Representative, I will fight against the Portland urban agenda that doesn’t care about the needs of Springfield, our families and rural communities.

Better Public-School Choices, Vouchers and Home Schooling

I strongly support education for everyone to improve themselves, be better citizens and to have the knowledge and skills to perform well in the evolving workplace. Also, our kids deserve a quality education that improves graduation rates. We can use school choice to advance our educational system. Schools will progress when put into a position of healthy competition. Consequently, I believe families want instructional style and environment options in order to find what fits their child’s educational needs.

Protect our Constitutional Rights

Not only is the Second Amendment important for hunting, it allows citizens to protect their homes and families. This constitutional right to bear arms is fundamental to our freedom to protect ourselves from any foe, foreign or domestic.  That is why I support the existing firearms ownership laws and regulations and will oppose any required registration.

Improve Access to Healthcare

Recent challenges with COVID-19 revealed that our current healthcare system isn’t prepared to handle large scale health problems. This can’t be ignored in the development of affordable health insurance plans and improving access to healthcare providers. So, I will investigate the issues and support improvements to how the healthcare system prepares for various disasters.

Another issue that needs attention is providing coverage for pre-existing conditions. Because many individuals have pre-existing health issues that make it hard to qualify for insurance or receive care in a timely manner, I’ll work with insurers to include this coverage in their plan options.

Safe Neighborhoods and Communities

I’ll work to provide law enforcement with the support and tools that they need to do their jobs that make our neighborhoods safe places to live, work, play, shop and learn. Community support needs to be extended to military personnel and veterans who are important members of our families and nation.

Local Solutions for Housing and the Homeless

Affordable, appropriate housing is critical for a robust community life, yet a state mandated solution may not address specific scenarios. For example, statewide rent control that only Oregon has implemented, severely impacts a builder’s incentive to invest in housing when other projects are more profitable. Instead, let’s capitalize on Springfield’s unique resources, positive development mindset and diverse culture when addressing housing and homeless needs for local win-win results.